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ate your

• Stiletto capping

• Fitting the latest Topy protector
    soles to your new shoes

• Rebalance worn heels and soles

• Stretching service

• Recolouring

• Restitching seams

• Sports shoe repairs

• Orthotics


• Patching tears in uppers

• Replace worn back liners

• Replace eyelets

• Zip replacements

• Toe and heel plates fitted

• Broken shank replacements

• Belt shortening

• Handbag and belt repairs

We've seen it all!  You'll be amazed at what we can do,

and we've saved many old faithfuls from the rubbish bin.

Bring them in, let Dr Shoe fix them for you. 
Don't throw away ...  recycle!

Look at
these shoes
before & after!


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